• DIY Wall Art: 5 Creative and Unique Ideas

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    I get it. You’ve been sitting at home, staring at the walls, and you just can’t take it anymore. Your walls need sprucing, but more importantly, you need inspiration. Never fear because you are in the right place. I’ve got you covered with my Ultimate Guide of Ideas for all the best, easiest, and most affordable DIY wall art.

    5 Large DIY wall art ideas

    For some of us, when it comes to our art we believe bigger is better. But that doesn’t have to mean a big price tag. Here are my 5 favorite options, for under $30. Who knew you could get such a great bang for your buck?

    Shower curtain wall art

    I have to admit, this idea is pure genius, especially if you either A. love abstract art or B. love to totally change a statement look, super easily. Here is what you need:

    1. Shower curtain – Most come in standard sized ranging from 36″ x 72″ to 72″ x 84″. I love this graphic, modern geode print I found on Amazon for under $15. The price of this project will vary a little based on the cost of the shower curtain you choose. There are some really amazing ones on Society6, but they are a little pricier.
    2. 2″ wide wood molding strips/wood cut to correct length – Then, depending on the size of your shower curtain, cut 2″ wide strips of wood to length for top, bottom, and sides of a “frame.” Be sure to include a 3 inch seam allowance for the top/bottom measurements and the sides as well. For example, in the curtain above, the height is 84″, so I would cut my two sides to be 81″. If you want your final hanging to be any larger than 24″ then you will want to cut an additional wood piece to keep the frame stable and square. So that you will have three pieces run horizontally and join them to the right and left vertical pieces. Don’t worry, you won’t see the wood.
    3. Drill and 4 screws – Piece the strips together and use the screws to secure the frame.
    4. Staple gun – Place the shower curtain face down and place the frame on top. Be sure to center the image, or that once it is stapled, it is placed on the frame where you want it. Securely wrap the curtain around the frame and staple in place.

    You can follow this link for a bit of a more “glamorous” spin on the shower curtain to wall art idea.

    DIY your large wall art using free images

    There are several copyright free websites to find free, high-quality images. You can find everything from watercolor to striking black and white pictures. And then (here is THE KEY) take that image, crop, and divide it up into an odd number of individual images. For example, one of my favorite images is a beautiful mountains-cape like this…

    Divide into an odd number

    Take that image and crop it up into three separate images. Upload those images to a print on demand website and voila! You get a BEAUTIFUL 3-piece set of amazing large wall art, DIY-style, and on a budget. You get all the impact of a large piece of artwork at a fraction of the cost and effort.

    For this one, you have a few different choices. You can…

    • Print the individual images locally and thrift some unique frames
    • Spot a sale (Groupon, Walgreens, ect) and get the images printed on canvas
    • If you are feeling extra-crafty you can check out this website which lets you upload an image and they will send it to you in paint-by-number form (paints and all!) Get in touch with your inner Rembrandt and really put the DIY into your wall art!

    Thrift a large canvas

    No one says that artwork for your walls needs to be all signed originals. Check your local thrift stores and pick up any large canvas you find. It doesn’t matter what is on it. Then get creative- you can cover it with gesso and add whatever abstract type of art inspires you. If you are feeling extra saucy and have some additional materials around from another project, such as spackle or even cement you can add some texture to your homemade art. I guarantee no one will ever guess that your masterpiece hanging over your sofa was your very own diy wall art.

    Fabric is for more than curtains

    I’m not saying to slap a random sheet up and call it a day. However, there are many unique and beautiful fabrics out there, that when framed nicely, can do an amazing job of pulling together an otherwise unbalanced or bland space.

    DIY geometric wood design wall art

    House to Home DIY on YouTube has an amazing tutorial if the trending geometric wood design wall art is your jam. It is absolutely gorgeous and if you are math minded, it isn’t too difficult. Not to mention, it can likely be completed with things you already have!

    If you are interested in even more great ideas, check out my Pinterest board for extra inspiration!


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