30 Days of Wants: A Lesson in Being Grateful

30 Days of Wants: A Lesson in Being Grateful

I’m hoping that by writing this post today, I can sort of force myself to be in a more grateful mood. It’s Sunday and I have 2.5 sick kiddos and I’m not feeling great myself.

I want to feel “Christmasy.”

I want to get my house all perfectly decorated.

I want to make Christmas cookies with Tiny who has been begging to do them all morning.

With all of these “wants” who has the time or inclination to be grateful?

But alas, this 30 Days of Gratitude couldn’t have come at a better time. You know, most people save all the “thankful’s” and the “grateful’s” for November which I suppose makes sense with the whole Thanksgiving turkey thing. But then December rolls around and all of our thankful’s quickly turn into wants. (Insert your own giant confused face emoji here.)

Even if it isn’t want for material goods, it seems like it’s “wants” everything else.

I want my kids to have the best Christmas ever.

I want to share in the holiday spirit.

I want to be present, in each moment.

Instead of wanting more (of no matter what that may be) insert the word grateful. Don’t focus on all the ways we want things to be, focus on being grateful for what they are. Try it.

I want verses I’m grateful

I’m grateful for the Christmasy feelings I had yesterday when we were picking our Christmas tree.

I’m grateful for my house even if it isn’t the perfect picture of Christmas.

I’m grateful for the time to make Christmas cookies with Tiny.

I’m grateful for amazing Christmases of the past and for the perfection of the present.

I’m grateful for the holiday spirit I see in my children’s eyes and hear in their voices, even with the millionth rendition of Jingle Bell Rock.

I’m grateful for this moment.

Let’s fill this month with gratitude

So as we continue with these 30 Days of Gratitude, I suggest we focus on just that, during a month filled with wants, we make the conscious choice to fill it with gratitude instead. 


For days 4, 5, 6, and 7…


  • Food- I have to admit, this one is pretty easy. While there are many foods that I really like, there is only one that I truly love. Let’s be honest, my life just wouldn’t be the same without chocolate
  • Sound- Having gone without a significant portion of my hearing for quite some time, I’ve learned a whole new level of appreciation for all sounds. Even in my current state where I have good hearing days and bad, I continue to be grateful for sound.
  • Nature- What in nature am I grateful for? As a wife of a hunter I am most grateful for deer. Deer feeds my family and provides so many wonderful memories as we gather together around the table. 
  • Memory- With so many memories to be grateful for, how can anyone choose just one? If I had to, I think I would choose the memory of the day I married my best friend. Those vows we took that day, to love, cherish, and honor each other, in sickness and health, have guided every choice we’ve made and every gift we’ve been given from that day forward. 

Until next time, keep smiling 🙂 



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