Are You Body Shaming Yourself?

Are You Body Shaming Yourself?

Many women, and even men spend a large amount of time criticizing our own bodies. Ask any 14 year old girl and she could probably (sadly) run you through a whole list of body shaming comments. Videos and hashtags have gone viral over the topic-people being nasty, cruel, and offensive over any perceived bodily imperfection. But what happens when the body shaming is self-inflicted? What happens when we fail to recognize our bodies for the marvel that they are?

When you live with a chronic illness, like PsA, and the chronic pain that comes with it, we have to take any number of medications. Most of which include the lovely side effect of weight gain (Yeah, I’m looking at you Prednisone…!). Between the medications and fatigue, my body is in, let’s just say, less than peak condition. But that doesn’t mean I should walk around beating it up.

How is body shaming self-inflicted?

Geez, I’m stuffed in these jeans like sausage casings.

My legs jiggle in weird places.

My stomach is sticking out at a funny angle. What the heck is up with THAT?

It plays in an endless loop sometimes. Not compulsively, but certainly enough to make me notice that I’m not nearly as confident in my body as I once was. Time has taken its toll and life has left it’s marks on my body.


Ugh, the Mirror of Shame

Just the other day I actually ventured out in search of new clothes. (I know, GASP!) Lo and behold I was faced with one of THOSE mirrors. You know the ones- multiple angles, everything is glaringly large, and kinda makes you throw up a little in your mouth…? The soundtrack began again in my head…

Geez, I’m stuffed in these jeans like sausage casings.

My legs jiggle in weird places.

My stomach is sticking out at a funny angle. What the heck is up with THAT?

What the heck is that? Why does this look terrible? What in the world is going on with this? That is all I noticed- how terrible I thought things looked. Then it struck me…What the heck am I doing? I have a bit of “Mommy Peace and Quiet” and all I can do is sit here and criticise my body? If anyone said half the things to me that I was thinking about myself, I would be throwing punches, yet there I sat, saying them to myself over and over again. What. The. Hell.


I was body shaming myself! Things that I would NEVER say to anyone, nor let anyone say to me. There I sat thinking the same terrible things, over and over. What is so wrong with my body? Sure, it is not perfect but geez, there is no need to be so hard on myself.

The human body (which strangely enough, is what mine actually is) is an amazing thing! It can do wonderful, marvelous things! It can repair itself, it can heal from wounds and process a million different stimulii all at the same time. So what if my thighs jiggle a little, my tummy hangs out a bit, or I have wrinkles the size of the Grand Canyon…(umm, okay, maybe I care a “little” about the wrinkles) but hey, my body is amazing!

My body has given birth to 3 wonderful babies.

My body powers through excruciating chronic pain every single day, without giving up.

My body spent a long year looking for answers to the chronic pain.

My body spent another year more learning how to accept and live with those answers.

My body gets me out of bed every morning.

My body allows me to see the joy on my kiddos faces and hear their laughter and wipe their tears.

A little bit of jiggly thigh or tummy is nothing in comparison to that.

Stop body shaming yourself

Next time you start that same internal dialogue, stop and think about that. Think about all of the amazing things your body has done for you today. I’m willing to bet, you can list a great many more things to love about your body than things you don’t. Cut yourself and break, your body will love you for it.

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