Awkward Spaces: The Bench Project

Awkward Spaces: The Bench Project

The Great Bench ProjectWe are now onto Part Two of Phase III of the Awkward Space Project. You know you are in deep when you have both “Parts” and “Phases” for a project. Phew, that was awkward just explaining that. This part is affectionately referred to as “The Bench.” So far, it is turning out beautifully. It still needs a final piece of trim, a few coats of white paint, and a comfy cushion and it will be ready for three tiny behinds. Here is the process and the progress we’ve made so far:

  1. Move the GIANT table out of the way while simultaneously shooing curious little people out from under foot.
  2. Measure the distant from the awkward half wall to the side-splitting counter top. Ours is 86 (ish) inches.
  3. Locate random (free!) 2 X 4’s sitting in the garage.
  4. Assemble the boards into a box.
  5. Attach it to the studs in the wall. It should look something like this. Make sure it is level.
    Attach to studs. Make sure it is level.

    Attach to studs. Make sure it is level.


  6. Add 3 legs equal distance apart for additional stability.The Bench Project- Add Legs






7.  Add a top (the only thing we had to

purchase for this thrifty project!).

The Bench Project- Add a Top

8. My favorite part, have someone (preferably an adult, or perhaps 3 tiny people will work) jump up and down on the bench to check for strength.

9. Add trim, a few coats of paint, and you are ready for some colorful cushions for tiny bottoms.

The Bench Project

Stay tuned for Part 3 Phase III of the Awkward Space Project- The Search for the Perfect Table and Part 4 Phase III-The Great Reveal.

What projects did you work on this past Sunday?



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  1. May 22, 2016 / 2:57 am

    This looks like a really great use of space hun. We live abroad and rent out our own home, I cant wait to get back to our house and start to do projects like this. I have a huge window which looks out onto our garden, and something like this would be perfect there. I could sit with a cup of tea and watch the kids play in the garden 🙂 I may come back to you for tips next year. I think we will be DIY crazy when we move home xxxx

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