Blogtober 3 and 4

Blogtober 3 and 4

So nice to see you again so soon! Thank you for joining me for this next installment of Blogtober! I can feel your excitement. It is overwhelming. Well, onto the task at hand- I’m still catching up, so today you will get a double dose for days 3 and 4. Can’t beat that!

Meaning Behind My Blog Name

Smiles and Sundays came about as I tried to think of things that I love best about my life. Not people, not places, and not things, but actual wonderful parts of life that I love. I wrote in greater detail about the story behind what I love about Smiles and Sundays here. But really, I chose this name because I wanted my blog to include everything awesome about Sundays and really, who doesn’t love a great smile? Sundays are for family time together- in the kitchen, at a park, working on a project, or learning something new. That is exactly what you will find here, if it is part of being a family I’ll tackle it here.


Easy Ideas for Family Timeimg_3350img_3307

My Earliest Memory Blogtober Day 4

I have to admit, this one is tough. I think too often, our “memories” are so influenced by pictures we have seen or stories that have been told over and over at every family get together. The true earliest memory gets muddled up and mixed up between reality, pictures, stories, selective memory. I often wonder what my children will remember about our daily lives together. Will they remember the days when I am less than patient with them? Will they remember days when we snuggled those few extra minutes under the blankets? Will they remember that we have a Sock Goblin that lives in our attic that comes down at night and eats all the stinky socks that aren’t put in the laundry bin?

That being said, it is really hard to put my finger on my first true memory. Memories are surrounded by emotions and I would have to say I was so blessed to have a very loving and happy childhood. But what I really remember first, from being very little, is tagging along behind my dad. Dad was always doing “projects” around the house…fixing this or that that needed attention. I would hold the light, while he explained to me what needed to be done. We would piddle for hours in the garage.

If we weren’t working at home, we would spend the day at Jamboree, a small business sporting goods store that my family owned. I loved that store. There was always something new to discover. If we worked really hard and behaved ourselves we could save up our “money” and choose something to buy from the store. I’ll never forget…I cleaned that store top to bottom, tidied all the merchandise, and made sure everything was in order for weeks. Finally, I had worked hard enough to order my heart’s desire…a beautiful pair of hot pink Chuck Taylor high tops. Pink Chuck TaylorsThey were magnificent. I paged through the catalog over and over. I waited and waited for them to come in the mail. Low and behold they eventually were put on “back order” and anyone at least my age or older knows what that means, you will actually NEVER get them.

I shared this story with Darling Husband very early into our dating and you will never guess what my first present ever was….yep, you got it- hot pink Chuck Taylors. That’s how I knew he was a keeper for sure.

With that, I will leave you with this special little number sent to me by my loving Mom.

Tiny Me

Now, I don’t expect you to necessarily comment below with your earliest memory. But take some time with someone you care about this Sunday and ask them, “What was your earliest memory?”


If you want to know all the coming topics for Blogtober check out this post and join in on the fun!



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