Blogtober Days 5 and 6

Blogtober Days 5 and 6

Blogtober 5 and 6!

Today’s topics for Blogtober days 5 and 6 are really the start of an interesting conversation because they force you to look at some of the best and worst things about yourself. Today, we will tackle guilty pleasures and 3 of your best personality traits.

What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

Guilty pleasure by definition is, “something that someone enjoys, such as a movie or TV show, that is generally not held in high regard.” Well, to be fair, this could be a great many things. My first thought is usually food- things that are bad for us (but just feel so darn good)- like McDonald’s, cheap chocolate, or box wine.  Check out this great video of comic Jim Gaffigan Darling Hubby shared with me the other day…Seriously, take few minutes and watch the whole thing…Go ahead, totally worth it.

Hilarious, right? But so true…We all have our “McDonald’s” (one of mine just happens to actually be McDonald’s). Because I can’t stop at just one, I would have to add quite a few more…perhaps binge watching pretty much anything on the Netflix or reading cheesy historic romance novels instead of true literature. We all have our “things” I guess. Whoops, just thought of another one…yarn- I have literally piles and piles and piles of yarn and other wonderful craft goodies. I have bins and baskets, and boxes overflowing with half finished projects. And yet, I can’t help myself. I’ll spend hours in a craft store dreaming up a thousand different projects that I will NEVER have the time to actually complete. There, I said it. Now you know the whole truth. What about you…I’d love for you to take a second and comment below- What’s your guilty pleasure?

3 Best Personality Traits

In our society it is much more common to focus on our shortcomings, to constantly strive to make things better, stronger, faster. In our constant pursuit of perfection we tend to focus much more on identifying and improving the imperfect instead of taking the time to appreciate the good we have in ourselves.

This is probably one of the hardest things to do, to think of parts of ourselves, our personalities, that we actually like. Physical attributes are often much easier to point to and say, “Yes, I like this about myself…” Whereas pointing out personality traits about ourselves can seem more like bragging instead of being proud of the good we have to offer. So I guess that is my challenge, to identify the good within ourselves and instead of hiding it away for fear of being a braggart, use those traits to make the world a better place. That being said, I am well aware as I sit here trying to identify my list, that it is easier said than done. So here goes…

  1. I am a “glass-half-full” kind of person. This is something that I have always liked about myself, even when I have absolutely no good reason to believe the good in a person or situation, I always try to find the hope, the good, the positive.
  2. I am a helper. If there is a way that I can figure out to lighten someone else’s load I’m all in. That and I tend to give all people the benfit of the doubt (sometimes to my own detriment). I find it easy to empathize and spend a great deal of time trying to foster the same in my children.
  3. I am naturally curious. I truly, madly, deeply love learning new things. There is nothing better than trying to understand how things happen and why they happen. I love discovering new things and seeing the world from a different point of view. We recently had to do one of those Personality Strengths Surveys for work as part of a team building day (yeah). You know the deal, we answer a zillion questions and it spits out “who we are…” Well, for what it is worth, my #1 was Learner. Makes sense given that I am a teacher…

Anyhow, that’s the deal for today, #5 and #6- done and done! Woot!



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