CBD Oil for Chronic Pain: My Experience and Tips

CBD Oil for Chronic Pain: My Experience and Tips

When you first start learning about using CBD to manage chronic pain, it can become very easy to get overwhelmed by all of the information, science, and choices. Over roughly the past year, I’ve done hours of research, tried several different brands, and learned so much. I’ve tried tinctures (drops), vapes, and rubbing on oils and lotions. Today, I’m finally ready to share some (very informative) information about CBD oil for chronic pain and my experience with it.

If you are looking for some general information about CBD, what IS and what it ISN’T check out more info here and here.


Tincture is a fancy word for the CBD oil drops you put under your tongue and leave there for 30 seconds to a minute before swallowing. So when you go to a website that sells CBD, you will see what I’m talking about today listed as “tinctures.” They come in various mg amounts (concentrations of CBD content) and usually bottles sized as 15 or 30 ml.

Understanding CBD concentration amounts

When it comes to choosing a mg amount, what you are actually doing is choosing the concentration of CBD available per drop. So, what that means is that a 1,000 mg bottle is twice as strong as a 500mg bottle. This is important when you are trying to decide where to start for dosing and looking at different price points. Let’s do some simple math, shall we?

2 drops from a 500 mg bottle is equal to 1 drop from a 1,000 mg bottle

4 drops from a 250 mg bottle is equal to 1 drop from a 1,000 mg bottle

Therefore, a 1,000 mg bottle of CBD will initially cost more than a 500 mg bottle, however, you will be able to use less, to get the same result.

It can be a little confusing, especially if math isn’t necessarily your strong suit.


If you thought understanding concentration amounts was a bit tricky, just wait until we get to dosing. With dosing suggestions, everything depends on what mg amount you choose to get to the “final dose amount” for each “serving.”

In addition, it is also important to take into account how your body typically responds to medications. If your body tends to be sensitive, you may want to start small and work you way up. If you have been battling chronic pain for a while, you may feel comfortable starting at a higher mg point.

Finally, you also need to consider why you are trying CBD oil. Chronic conditions related to mental health, such as anxiety or depression will likely require a smaller starting dosage than autoimmune chronic pain conditions like PsA and RA.

Here is a good chart to help you choose a place to start in finding the right dosage for you.

CBD oil for chronic pain: my experience

It may take a little time and experimentation to find the perfect dosage for you, it took me about a month. Because I deal with both anxiety and moderate to severe PsA and RA pain, I chose to start out using 3 drops of 1,000 mg at morning and at night.

Over time, I have worked my way up to 5 drops in the morning and 5 at night and I have found the best results for me at this dosage for about 4 months now. At this dosage, I have been able to cut my anxiety meds to nearly nothing, I don’t (or very rarely) take NSAIDs or Tylenol, and overall I feel I can “manage” my life with a chronic illness so much better.

Be patient

It can take anywhere from 3 weeks to a month for the CBD to build up in your system and to see the best results. If you are looking for immediate results, I would highly suggest starting with a combined approach of vaping and tinctures. The results of vaping can be felt within minutes instead of overtime like the CBD drops.

You will likely find that as the CBD tincture builds up in your system, you will feel the need to vape less and less. As it stands now, I probably need to vape maybe once a week when I happen to experience a flare.

My TOP Recommendation for Where to Buy

I have found CBDistillery to be the best balance of high-quality CBD and affordability. They have a great selection of vapes, tinctures, and more. If you decide to give it a try, use the code “SUNDAYS” to save some money.


There is a lot of science and more information you need to know about CBD that I will be talking more about in the future. Because I highly believe education is everything and everyone deserves the chance to make informed decisions. So, keep your eyes on your inbox or sign up below for updates!


Until next time, keep smiling,


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  1. Marcus
    April 3, 2018 / 4:51 pm

    I’ve been using CBD Oil for my chronic pain for the last 6 years now. Just like you, it took me around 8 weeks to find my ideal CBD dosage. CBD is really a ‘Miracle Cure’.

    Also, I have a written an article on CBD for chronic pain and has designed an infographic for the same too here: http://topcbdoilbenefits.com/best-cbd-oils-pain-relief/
    It would be great if you can spare a minute to read it 🙂

    Anyways, great article. Shared it on my Social profile ^_^

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