Do you ever think about coal? Black, dusty, dirty- usually associated with being naughty at Christmas. If someone called you a lump of coal, chances are you wouldn’t find it complimentary. Yet, throughout history people have accepted (incorrectly from a scientific standpoint) that if you put enough pressure on coal, it will turn into a diamond.

Those diamonds have become symbols of wealth, prestige, beauty, and love. So, how is it that we have come to accept the fact that an ugly lump of coal, with the right combinations of pressure and time, can become a thing of beauty? I believe the answer is found in hope.

Believing that a hunk of coal can become beautiful gives us hope that perhaps, even at our worst, we too can become beautiful.

We make mistakes, bad choices, and treat each other unkindly. In short, we are lumps of coal. Maybe we have situations in our lives that are trying, difficult, or pressuring. These situations help to shape us and form is into shiny, sparkling diamonds. Without all of the processes coal has to go through (in theory) to become a diamond, it would be nothing but a lump of coal.

Think about it even more. If we give a diamond to someone we love, maybe it’s because we see don’t see them as coal. We see the love, commitment, and possibilities that with a shared life transforms into diamonds.



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  1. Myrna Ward
    May 1, 2016 / 4:51 pm

    Beautiful message!

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