Easy Ways for the Chronically Ill Crafter to Get Crafty

Easy Ways for the Chronically Ill Crafter to Get Crafty

When I was younger, I loved all things crafty. In middle school, I’d spend hours working embroidery floss into tiny knots to make bracelets, necklaces, and bookmarks. I tried everything from paints to pastels. I seriously think if Pinterest was around then, I probably would have spent so much time on it, I wouldn’t have passed any of my classes. Now that I have PsA and RA, I’ve had to find easy ways to get crafty.

Easy ways to get crafty

Anyway, when you have a chronic illness like I do, you may find that your favorite hobbies are at best, much harder and at worst, totally impossible to continue doing. I was ready to give up. I’ve been avoiding crafting all together. With aching hands and little energy, I find very little enjoyment in crafting anymore.

That is, until I found a few easy ways to get crafty.


Literally, one of the easiest ways to feel a bit crafty is printables. Head over to Etsy and you will find a ridiculously huge selection of beautiful images, sayings, clipart, and coloring pages. Download, print, pop in a frame, and BAM! You are done. Not only that, but they usually only cost a few dollars. Crafty and affordable is win win. Here are some of my favorite stores to check out.

 South Pacific

LiviLou Designs

Hearts In Colors

Cut Files

Cut files are great if you enjoy making your own home decor pieces, tees, or really, any personalized pieces. The possibilities are endless. Now, with this one, you will need a Cricut or Silhouette machine. But, you can leave all of the fancy computer designs and graphics to someone else. Save your hand all of the clicking and fine motor movements. Using cut files is one of the great easy ways to get crafty.

Accurate Cut

Project Kits (My fav!)

These are for sure the most convenient, easy ways to get crafty whether you have a chronic illness or not. My personal favorites are home decor ones, but there are knitting ones, subscription boxes, and more!

State of Muse

DIY Art in a Box


For a mere $6, this DIY Bracelet Kit is a super fun and super cute!



Just remember, you don’t have to give up the things that you love because you live with a chronic illness. You just have to find a few better and smarter ways to do things! Having hobbies helps us to feel “human” again and works wonders to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Take the time to take care of yourself. You won’t regret it!

Until next time, get your craft on!


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