Reasons to Smile This Sunday

“This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad.”        ~Psalm 118:1-2 A very happy Easter to you! Of all the days of the liturgical season, this day… View Post

Teach Your Child How to Ask for Forgiveness

“Now, say you are sorry for hurting him.” “Sorry.” “Ok, do you feel better?” “Ummm, no.” Is this a familiar conversation in your house? Are you constantly telling your children to say they are sorry?… View Post

The Greatest Gift: A Willing Spirit

I was struck the other night with a thought. What if we all had a willing spirit? What would our lives look like? If everyone was a little more willing to try? More willing to… View Post

Through the Eyes of Children

Just the other day I was driving the kids to my parents house on our usual morning routine. We were jamming out to Jingle Bell Rock onStar 93.3 early in the morning. After the song… View Post

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