Finding the Right Balance

Finding the Right Balance

Holding it all together when you live with a chronic illness is no easy feat. Managing your chronic illness alone is a full time job. When you add in all of the “regular” tasks life throws at you, it can make keeping everything together nearly impossible. Finding the right balance is key to feeling like you have at least a little control over your life with a chronic illness. But how do we do that?

Look at how you use your time

Do you include things in your life that support and nurture your well being? Finding the right balance in how you divide up your time and energy says a lot about what you value. Do you spend your energy bickering with family members or your spouse? Make smart choices in how you use your time and energy in order to find balance.

Make a plan

If I don’t put it on my calendar, it doesn’t happen. Planning your day with a chronic illness doesn’t have to be complicated. I have a great free printable available that will help you organize and plan your day around managing your chronic illness. If you make a plan, you are in control of what must get done each day and brain fog won’t fly away with your to-do list.

Yet, leave room for the unexpected

If there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that there are more things outside our control than things within it. Our bodies will choose to flare at the worst possible times. Loved ones get sick or days will not go as you planned them, that is life. Yes, life is best lived with a little planning, but we can’t be naive enough to think that everything will turn out exactly the way we plan it.

Finding the right balance

Finding the right balance isn’t so much about organizing your life as it is about accepting that there will be times when your life feels like it is outside your control. Even under the best of circumstances, life is messy. It is unpredictable. And even downright scary at times. We have to make decisions about complex medications to treat an illness with an uncertain future.
Finding the right balance when you live with a chronic illness can feel very difficult at times. But it is necessary if you want to live better with chronic illness.


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