Guide to Planning Your Day with Chronic Illness

Guide to Planning Your Day with Chronic Illness

We all want our days to go smoother. We want more good days. More days when life goes a little better, easier. Planning your day is particularly important when you have both yourself and tiny humans to account for. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Include time to rest

The most important thing to plan into your day is rest. Sure, in a perfect world we could actually plan nap time in the schedule. But for most of us, that isn’t realistic. However, down time is. If you want to accomplish anything, including a little rest is key. Planning your day around brief rest periods will make it more productive without killing your body.

Decide what is most important

Prioritize your to-do list and make some decisions about what is most important. Decide what MUST get done when you are planning your day and fit those into the times when you feel your best. You know that time, those elusive magical moments each day when you feel the most like your “old self.” Use that time to check the most important things off your list.

Remember to include time for self-care when you are planning your day

Remember, you can practice a little self-care in as little as 15 minutes a day. If know for a fact, that if I don’t plan for it, it doesn’t happen. Going too long without giving yourself a little care increases anxiety and depression. Get it on the calendar and make it non-negotiable. Living with chronic illness makes self-care especially important.

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Write everything down

I have to admit, sometimes I put things on my to-do list that I’ve already done just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it off. When you are planning your day, if it needs to get done, write it down. Myself, and many of my fellow spoonies, struggle a great deal with brain fog. I can’t seem to remember what I did 2 seconds ago, much less commitments that I made weeks ago. No matter how important it may be, my brain fog does not discriminate. If I write it down, there is a chance that I might actually remember it!

Don’t forget to keep track of your health when you plan your day

  • Water intake
  • Medications
  • Symptom/Mood trackers
  • Exercise or movement

Have a little fun with it

Planning your day doesn’t have to be a drag. Get some fun markers or stickers. Find an inspirational planner or one that includes places to journal or reflect on your thoughts for the day. Jazz it up any way you’d like, if you love it, you’ll remember to use it!

Make it part of your routine

Whether it is in the morning or in the evening the night before, make sure to use your daily planner as part of your routine. If you make it a habit, you are more likely to feel more in control of your day and your illness.

To make it a little easier on you, I’ve created a free downloadable and printable daily planner to help you keep it all together.

I know, holding it all together is hard. With a little planning and a little grace, it will all work out.

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