Happiness Is…

Happiness Is…

Everyone’s idea of happiness is different. According to Merrium-Webster, happiness is “a state of well-being or contentment.” {Zzzzzzz}. But what actually is happiness. Can we learn it? Can we recognize it in others? Ourselves?

We learn about what it feels like to put ourselves in others’ shoes, usually in reference to the challenges or obstacles that they face. However, what I’d like to look at today is the idea of actually exploring happiness from someone else’s perspective. What makes someone else happy? By understanding what makes others happy, we can develop a deeper sense of selflessness and understanding. Instead of trying to see someone else’s struggles and pain, I put on my rose colored glasses and looked for examples of their happiness in order to come up with what happiness actually looks like. 

Happiness Is…

  • The joy of a new, yet to be explored playset.   
  • A sister to always swing with.   
  • The perfect shade of pink frosting.     
  • Getting “impossible” stains out of a little boys pants.   
  •  Tap shoes on a classroom of 4 year olds 
  • An open field leading to nowhere   

What is your definition of happiness? Fill in your blank in the comments below. 

Happiness is _____________. 


My wish for you is to discover someone else’s happiness everyday. 



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