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Chronic illness: Keys to living well
Chronic illness, invisible or not can make you feel like it is impossible to manage life. Pain, doctor appointments, and relationships make it  exponentially more difficult to manage day-to-day life.

Living your best life possible

Finding pain relief

Managing life with chronic illness

Parenting with chronic illness

Parenting with a Chronic Illness

Parenting isn’t easy. No one ever said it was. No one promised that there wouldn’t be sleepless nights or panic attacks or poopy diapers. That’s parenting. That is the expectation. I didn’t expect this new… View Post

Psoriatic Arthritis and Finding the Positive

For those of you following my journey of figuring out how to live with Psoriatic Arthritis, you will know that I’ve had my moments of doubt and struggles to find my way. Many days it… View Post

Low Carb Cheese Chips and Update

Update Well, it has been a while since I’ve updated in my progress following the ultra low carb diet. Like all things, I’ve had my ups and downs here and there but overall, I think… View Post

Keto Diet Update

Keto Diet Update Well, on my fifth day in, it finally happened. I knew it would. I was tired. I was super “hangry.” My body hurt and I fell hard. Yes. I fell face first,… View Post

Ultra Low Carb 2 Day Survival Update

Ultra Low Carb 2 Day Update Help!!! Send chocolate! Now!! The Good Well, at this point, 2 days into my ultra low carb experiment, I am super proud to say I haven’t cheated a single… View Post

Ultra Low Carb Living

Ultra Low Carb Living And so it begins…starting today, I will begin following (or at least trying to follow!) an ultra low carb meal plan. Ummm, I think I can already feel my body rebelling… View Post

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