Tips and Tricks From a Mom on the Edge

We have all been there…the edge of the cliff of our sanity with nothing but a loose grip on reality holding us back from leaping into the abyss. Okay, well maybe that is a bit… View Post

Fun Killer and Other Mom Jobs

There are so many wonderful and heart-warming jobs that are part of being a mom. We are the snugglers, cuddlers, and kissers of boo boos big and small. However, there are quite a few mom jobs that are a bit “less than glamorous.”

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Washable Markers and Other Lies

When parents are “expecting” or have young children we are told, by well meaning people I’m  sure, some things that don’t actually pan out to be completely true. In the interest of complete honesty I’ve… View Post

Facebook Funnies

In honor of my Facebook page {finally!} reaching a milestone for likes, I thought I’d round up some of my favorite funny posts for the past few years. If you haven’t been over to my… View Post

You Never Know What You Might Find

When you live in a house made up of mostly tiny people, you “spy” some interesting things. You never know what you might find. Here is what I discovered this week. Have you seen anything… View Post

Memes for Moms

Sometimes the job of Mom can be a bit {ahem} stressful. Without a little humor, we’d seriously lose our minds. So, consider this my contribution to the sanity of all womankind. Without further ado, I… View Post

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