Faith and Parenting with Chronic Illness

Does faith play a role in parenting with a chronic illness? I’d imagine if you ask 100 people this question, you would probably get 100 different answers. Faith is unique to each person, as is… View Post

Finding Time for Faith

People always say to never bring up religion or politics at a dinner party. No matter what, you are destined to get in way over your head and no one will walk away happy. In… View Post

What’s a Parent To Do?-Dealing with fear of the unknown when you are a parent with a chronic illness

I don’t care if you’ve been a parent for 30 years or 30 seconds. Chances are you’ve felt the fear of the unknown. Future choices, problems, or health issues can all strike fear in the… View Post

Car Trip Tips with Kids: Parenting with a Chronic Illness

"Sponsored Post" Whether it is a simple ride down the street or a trip across the country, car trips with kids when you are a parent with a chronic illness can feel downright impossible. But… View Post

What You Don’t See While You Are Busy Judging Me For Being On My Phone

What you do see What you do see is just a snippet. A tiny, little piece of time in our day. Yet you sit there, making assumptions and being all Judgy McJudgy Pants while my… View Post

Fighting Mom Guilt: 4 Tips From a Chronically Ill Momma

Mom guilt. There is nothing in the world like it. Throw in living with a chronic illness and mom guilt takes on a whole new level. There is a whole host of new things to… View Post

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