Lesson in Parenting a Little Girl

A lesson in parenting a little girl can come at the most unexpected times. After being cooped up in the house all day yesterday, the kids and I decided that today was the perfect day… View Post

Summer Routines

Summer Routines You may have noticed my posts aren’t coming out as regularly as they have been in the past. I’m sorry about that. By nature, I’m a very routine centered person. Things in my… View Post

Developing Lasting Sibling Relationships and Why It’s Important

Developing Lasting Sibling Relationships and Why It’s Important You better figure out a way to get along, because one day, when your Mother and I are gone, you guys will only have each other, guaranteed… View Post

Obama’s Transgender Bathrooms in Schools-Good or Bad?

I don’t usually get too involved in politics. I’m not particularly opinionated about dealing with the 17.3 trillion in national debt or the changing foreign policy. What I am opinionated, experienced, and educated in is… View Post

Fun Killer and Other Mom Jobs

There are so many wonderful and heart-warming jobs that are part of being a mom. We are the snugglers, cuddlers, and kissers of boo boos big and small. However, there are quite a few mom jobs that are a bit “less than glamorous.”

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Lessons for My Little Ladies

Every night I sit in the room with my little girls at bedtime. Together, we sing quiet songs, talk about our day, and share our dreams. I can’t help but think, every night about this… View Post

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