Many Words of Mom

Moms are so many amazing things. When you think of the word “Mom” what do you think of? Rarely are we at a loss for words to describe our moms because they are so much… View Post

Washable Markers and Other Lies

When parents are “expecting” or have young children we are told, by well meaning people I’m  sure, some things that don’t actually pan out to be completely true. In the interest of complete honesty I’ve… View Post

Facebook Funnies

In honor of my Facebook page {finally!} reaching a milestone for likes, I thought I’d round up some of my favorite funny posts for the past few years. If you haven’t been over to my… View Post


Do you ever think about coal? Black, dusty, dirty- usually associated with being naughty at Christmas. If someone called you a lump of coal, chances are you wouldn’t find it complimentary. Yet, throughout history people… View Post

On the Brink

It is a beautiful Saturday. The birds are chirping as the sun shines down. It’s mid 70’s with a gentle breeze. Perfect soccer weather. Big Man and Little Miss are luckily both in the same… View Post

How to Help Your Child (With ADHD) Find Success

You’ve been to school. You’ve sat in on all the meetings, filled out the doctor surveys, and hoped to see some changes. Perhaps you and your doctor have finally settled on a medicine the seems to “work” with acceptable side effects.

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