Parent or Bully?

 Walking through the supermarket or out to dinner, it is hard to ignore. “Stop whining, you sound like a baby!” Said a Mom to a little girl asking for a snack.  “Don’t cry. You are… View Post

What to Do When “Time Out” Doesn’t Work

Screaming. Meltdowns. Temper tantrums. Arguing. These are all part of the ugly side of parenting. What do we do when Time Out doesn’t work?

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Signs of an Entitled Teenager: Are You Raising One?

No parent wakes up and makes a conscious decision to raise an entitled child. As parents, we don’t wish to raise children who believe the world owes them something or that anything goes as long… View Post

The Big Book Roundup

No one can dispute the benefits that your child will gain from being read to each and every day. Some studies even suggest that there are many benefits to reading to your child, even before… View Post

My Morning View

Mornings are hard. No joke. Having never been quite a morning person myself, (Seriously, ask anyone. I can be downright ugly.) I find it very difficult to drag myself out of bed. At least I… View Post


I’ve always been fascinated with the idea that 5 people can experience the same thing and yet, have 5 different perspectives or stories about what happened. Personal experiences, cultural norms, and even something as simple… View Post

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