How to Use CBD for Chronic Pain: Steps to Get Started

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After a great deal of testing and research, I’ve finally discovered the best way to get started on a regimen for using CBD for chronic pain. I’m often asked which I think is better, vape or drops. Also many people wonder about capsules and ointments. No one wants to waste money on something that might not work, but at the same time, we all want to feel better. So, what is the best way to get started?

How to Start Using CBD for Chronic Pain

Step 1

If you are in chronic pain, and you are like me, chances are, you want relief NOW. Not 2 weeks from now, not 24 hours or even three hours. Relief. Now. Please. If that is the case, then you want to vape. With vaping, you will feel relief within minutes. This is an excellent choice is you have periodic pain, or when some days are worse than others.

The downside of vaping is that the effects only last for a few hours. Then you will be right back at it, looking for relief. Don’t get me wrong, a few hours of immediate relief are pretty great, but vaping several times a day for constant pain relief can be a bit much.

Step 2

So once you’ve figured out how to manage immediate pain, it’s time to be a little more conscious of your time. You can think straight and begin a regime that will slowly build up the CBD in your system so that you will feel the need to vape less and less. This is where the drops (tinctures) or pills come in.

For this, you will take the CBD for chronic pain either sublingually (under your tongue) or in capsule form. I personally prefer the drops simply because I can vary the dosage if I want to. But others prefer the capsules for consistent dosing or taste. Either way, you will take it morning and night, slowly building up over about a month until you feel consistent relief.

Step 3

After about 2 weeks, you will likely notice that you are feeling the need to vape for immediate pain relief less and less. If not, you may choose to up your daily doses of CBD a bit until you do.

The important thing to remember is to be patient.

Unfortunately, figuring out the best dosage of CBD for chronic pain isn’t an exact science. Give it time to work and listen to your body. The whole process may take 6-8 weeks but by the end of it, you will be well on your way to consistently managing your chronic pain with CBD instead of NSAID’s, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and opioids. Then you will be able to do away with the expense and the effects they take on your body. 

What and How I use CBD for chronic pain:

I use 5 drops of the 1,000 mg bottle (tincture) morning and night. I hold it under my tongue for about 2 minutes before swallowing.

For breakthrough pain or flares I use this vape for immediate relief.

My Suggestions and Recommendations If You’ve Never Used CBD Before and you suffer from moderate to severe chronic pain:

  • 500 mg bottle, start with 3 drops under your tongue morning and night, steadily increasing dosage as needed. 

If you have mild to moderate pain, or if you suffer from anxiety:

  • 250 mg bottle, start with 2-3  drops under your tongue, morning and night

Closely monitor your symptoms and how you feel. Then adjust the dosage of the CBD as needed.

Here is a helpful dosage chart to use for a starting point. The trickiest part of dosing is that you need to calculate the amount of CBD per drop in the mg bottle you are using. For example, 2 drops of the 250 mg bottle is equal to 1 drop of the 500 mg bottle. You can read more about calculating dosages here.

CBD for chronic pain dosage chart

How long will a bottle last? How often will I have to get more?

If you choose to use CBD for chronic pain, you can use the coupon code SUNDAYS to save a little money. In my experience, one 15 ml bottle lasts me about 3 months and the vape pen (once I’ve managed my pain) can last about 4 months. Your experience may vary simply because you may end up with a slightly higher, or lower dosage schedule that me.

Managing chronic pain is a full time job. If you have any questions post them below and I will do my best to help you 🙂

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Until next time, keep smiling!

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I am not a doctor. Please consult a trusted medical professional before beginning any pain regime program. This post may contain affiliate links in which if you choose to purchase a product I receive a small percentage to help manage the expenses from running my blog. All opinions are my own.

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