IMAK Compression Gloves Review

IMAK Compression Gloves Review

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IMAK Compression Glove Review

There are about a bizzion products designed to help with the aches and pains of psoriatic arthritis. It can be hard to know which ones will work and which are a waste of money. One of the most popular products is the IMAK Compression Gloves. There are used for a variety of types of arthritis, but I purchased them to help me with my psoriatic arthritis.

What is the idea behind compression for arthritis?

Compression gloves work primary to increase circulation and therefore promote relief from stiffness and pain. In addition, mild compression is used to promote warmth and control or decrease swelling of the joints in your hands. However, keep in mind that compression gloves do not heal damage already inflicted on the joints by arthritis (any type). But, they are designed to be worn day or night.

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Positive points for the IMAK Compression Gloves

  • Strong stitching- some styles have contrasting color stitching to add a bit of flare
  • Soft, smooth fabric
  • Just enough compression- not too tight, not too loose
  • Accurate sizing
  • Affordability- on sale at Amazon now for about $14 for a pair


  • Extend to include the distal joints– With PsA, the joints that are at the very tip of my fingers are affected the worst, but it is these joints that the ends of the gloves don’t quite cover.
  • Make of a more water-resistant or perhaps even colorful fabric– I spend a great deal of time running water at the kitchen sink, making drinks, or quick rinsing dishes. It is counter productive if I have to take these off every time I need to rinse a quick glass to load in the dishwasher or wipe down the counters.

Do they help? Is it worth it to give IMAK Compression Gloves a shot?

In a nutshell, absolutely! I have found great relief, when I am able to where these for more than an hour at a time. In addition, when I remember to put them on before bed, they really help with the morning stiffness in my hands. The same stiffness that makes holding my favorite mug of coffee a bit difficult. Given that I have 3 small children, and spend a great deal of time washing my hands and rinsing dishes, I usually reserve wearing these for times when I am out and about all day or overnight. These are especially beneficial if you use your hands a great deal for a hobby such as knitting, or for work such as typing.

What about you, have you ever tried compression gloves to help with the symptoms of your arthritis?




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