Inspiring Easter Post Gone Awry

Inspiring Easter Post Gone Awry

I sat down to write an informative and inspiring post on Easter decor and activities as a follow up to my Eggcellent Easter Ideas post. Looking around, I must say I am less than inspired and writing all about amazing ideas while surrounded by this chaos seems at best, laughable and at worst {semi} hypocritical. So, here is my not so informative post on posh and creative Easter decor. 

Tip #1- Always place boy and girl bunnies in an awkward and compromising position. That way, all your guests will be adequately warned of their own impending fates. 


Perhaps a game of wrestle mania gone awry?

Tip #2- Be sure to place all Easter pails on your head at a drunken angle. That way, you are sure to be the life of the party and it will encourage all your guests to embrace their inner fashionista bunny. 


This look is all the rage on the runways of Paris.

Tip #3- Top off your mantle decor with a stylish and function basket complete with Minimus from Sophia the First being ridden by a candy dispensing Princess Ana. Truly, a delightful scene and a feast for your eyes and for your guests to behold. 


Stunning, no?

I truly hope you have been inspired to fill your own home with all the joys of Easter. 




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  1. April 14, 2017 / 10:51 am

    LOL, awkward and compromising bunnies 😀 you just made my day Leanne. Hope this Easter is more posh, but it won’t be the same as real beautiful life. Hope you and your gorgeously creative co-workers have a beautiful Easter, no matter what life throws at you

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