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When you deal with chronic pain and fatigue, the last thing you want are clothes that make you feel worse. Tight, ill-fitting clothing can make a bad flare so much worse. But at the same time, I know that if I think I look terrible, then I feel even worse. So what’s a momma to do? Find some comfy clothes, ASAP. Comfy clothes for us spoonies shouldn’t be just another chronic illness hurdle.

Comfy clothes don’t have to be ugly

Just because I want to be comfortable, doesn’t mean that my favorite sweats need to be ratty and filled with holes. I’ll be honest, I have MORE than my fair share of those. I looked in the mirror and saw pants that were fraying around the ankles, stretched elastic at the waist, and while they were supposed to be black, they were actually more of a nasty, faded grey. Ewww. Might as well hang up a big sign, I GIVE UP.


So what are we to do? It’s not like we can go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, just so we can be cute AND comfortable. Here are some of my favorite looks for even the worst flare days…

Flare Care Sweats and Cozy Tee

Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology with Extra Band • $249.95
Body Glove Women’s Dojo Sweatpant 8151469 • Body Glove • $50.05–61.60
Nike – Air Max 90 Se Floral-print Canvas, Leather And Suede Sneakers – Burgundy • Nike • $120
Apt. 9 Women’s Apt. 9® V-Neck Graphic Tee • Apt. 9 • $17.99

Lounging in leggings and needing inspiration?

Tek Gear Women’s Tek Gear® Short Sleeve V-Neck Graphic Tee • Tek Gear •
Monreal London Full Leggings • Monreal London •
Gucci – Princetown Two-tone Shearling Slippers – Baby pink • Gucci •
DPL Memory Foam Deep Penetrating Light Therapy Pain Relief – Neck •


Giving in and going to see the doc?

When I need to head to the doctor’s office, I want to FEEL like I’m in my PJ’s without actually BEING in my PJ’s. Here are some ideas that might help.

Turquoise Chevron Flare Pants • $19.99
Tahiti Blue ‘Inspire Change’ Tee – Girls • Fifth Sun • $9.99
Pink Classic Toms • Toms • $39
CamelBak Eddy Insulated Water Bottle • $20

Next time you feel a flare coming on (or let’s be honest, just feeling like you need some cozy, comfy clothes) remember that just because they are comfy, doesn’t mean they have to be ugly. You CAN be COZY AND CUTE!


comfy clothes for flare fashion
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