My Morning View

My Morning View

Mornings are hard. No joke. Having never been quite a morning person myself, (Seriously, ask anyone. I can be downright ugly.) I find it very difficult to drag myself out of bed. At least I have coffee to rouse myself from my stupor. So today for you, I offer up my morning view.

While plucking my little ones away from their own dream lands seems downright cruel sometimes. We are up long before the sun even thinks about rearing its head and out the door before neighbors’ lights cast shadows on the street.

To their credit, the tiny trio is remarkably subdued in the morning. By that, I mean 2 of the 3 are total zombies. They don’t actively cooperate much in the morning, but they don’t fight me so I just go with it and count myself blessed.

My mornings aren’t usually filled with stunning sunrises like I’ve shown above. However, every so often, my morning routine is graced with sights such as these….

My morning view

aahhh, sister snuggles…

Yes, if I had my wish they would still be snuggled up warm in their beds but if this is the morning sunrise view God gives me today, I’ll take it. ❤️

What’s your morning view today?



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