A New Spin on the Spoon Theory

A New Spin on the Spoon Theory

The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino has been helping people living with chronic illnesses explain daily life with a chronic illness since its original appearance on But You Don’t Look Sick in 2003. Since its inception, it has taken the chronic illness community by storm with many of us referring to ourselves as “spoonies.” The Spoon Theory is a remarkably accurate and creative way of explaining life with a chronic illness.

What is the Spoon Theory?

The idea behind the Spoon Theory is that each morning, you have a certain number of “spoons” to get you through each day. The “spoons” are a metaphor for a unit of energy and each task for the day takes a certain number of spoons to complete each task. This includes everything from showering, to eating, to cleaning.  You can “borrow” spoons from the following day, but that just leaves you with fewer for the next day.

Most of all, the Spoon Theory has forever changed how people who live with a chronic illness are understood by their loved ones.  So why change it?

Spoon Theory

What is this New Spin on Spoon Theory?

The Spoon Theory fails to take one thing into account- a life surrounded in support, inspiration, and understanding. These things, if we only take the time to see them, can allow us to add to our daily collection of spoons, and make the most of the energy we have.

Take time in your day for #SpottingSpoons-moments of beauty, moments of inspiration, understanding, support, and encouragement that allow us to carry on. These are your #spoons. These are the images and moments that will give you strength. Seek these moments out and remember them when you need them the most.

Therefore, adding this new positive spin on Spoon Theory can help you focus on the good. It will allow you to use the positive moments in your life to fight the pain, fatigue, and anxiety that comes with living with a chronic illness. Focusing on positive images in our lives, or #SpottingSpoons, keeps us on track identifying the positive moments in our lives when it becomes all too easy to get weighed down with daily burdens of living with a chronic illness.

Be sure to spend some time everyday, #SpottingSpoons to fill your bank with positive images.

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