Reasons to Smile This Sunday

The 3 Deadly D's draw us away from each special day that the Lord has made.

“This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad.”        ~Psalm 118:1-2

A very happy Easter to you! Of all the days of the liturgical season, this day holds the most promise, the most power, the most possibility. Today, of all Sundays, we have the greatest reason to smile. 

This Sunday offers the most promise. It offers the promise of salvation. It offers the promise of redemption and the promise of opportunity to make things right. Through His death and rising, we are offered the eternal promise that no matter how bad we screw things up, we can be saved. Totally amazing. 

This Sunday offers the most power. Never again this year will you see such an amazing display of the power of love, the power of sacrifice, and the power of truth. With a world of love, backed by such an amazing power, we can’t go wrong. Don’t waste it. 

This Sunday offers the most possibility. What is something that you never imagined to be possible? If there was ever an opportunity to believe in the possible, it is today. For if God so loved us to send His  only Son, who so loved us that He sacrificed His own life, then with His love anything is possible. Have some faith. 

There you have it, 3 amazing reasons to smile this Sunday. 

Happy Easter!



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