Shared Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms: Stopping World War III

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If you are looking for shared bedroom ideas for small rooms, chances are you’ve found yourself in the same Giant Boat of Crazy as we’ve been in for at least a year now. So here is my dilemma. My girls ages 9 and 7 share a bedroom. But not only that, they share a SMALL bedroom. I mean smaaaalll.

Thinking that I couldn’t be the only one with this issue, like every good parent, I hit up Pinterest for some ideas. And yes, I did find some. But here is where the rest of the issue is…Apparently compared to the rest of the world, my girls’ bedroom is legit, small. Like, 10X10 small.

And every single thing I found on Pinterest for shared bedroom ideas seemed to all be appropriate if you lived in the grand bedroom of Taj mahal. Nothing nearly as small as my girls little hovel. (pictured below)

So I rounded up the best ideas I could scrape together to see if there was any ideas I could get to work for us. It was time to get creative!

Shared bedroom ideas and inspiration

This is where it all starts my friends- inspiration. While I’ve accepted that because I live with multiple chronic diseases, it is unlikely that I’ll ever realistically replicate any of these rooms, I am able to snag some snazzy ideas.

Curtains, curtains, curtains

This first idea comes from Melissa

What I really like about this was that each child had the option for a little bit of privacy. Running curtains built into the ceiling is just too much, but maybe there would be a way to make something similar, that still looks nice, and is functional. But also more practical to actually implement.

Image Credit: and POPSUGAR

Under the bed is valuable real estate

This idea is courtesy of TheCreativityExchange

What I love about this is that if you don’t organize, it will become the land of lost and missing things. In a perfect world, I’d get them new Captain’s Beds like this, or the ones posted in the pic above.

But right now, it isn’t in the budget, so I think I’m going to use something else. We’ve tried the plastic bins, but they just got so overrun and disorganized that they didn’t realistically work. So while new beds aren’t on our to-do list, I think we can still come up with something good.

Image credit: TheCreativityExchange

Light it up!

Believe it or not, my girls have even had disputes over the lighting. One was ready to sleep and wanted the lights off, but the other wanted to finish, “Just one more chapter!” So I think if I get something like these lights they could each have one on their side to turn off and on when it suited them, then they wouldn’t have to mess with arguing over the one overhead fan/light. Plus at like $40 for both, it won’t break the bank.

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Shove everything in the closet

The closet isn’t just for clothes anymore. Nope. When the clothes are half the size of grown adult clothes, that leaves half the closet for other things! Here we need to think drawers and shelves, shelves, shelves! But I hear you- custom closet systems are thousands of dollars. But we don’t need those. We can cobble together bits and pieces of different options and have a beautiful built in look at a fraction of the cost.

If you need some great ideas- has a great roundup of ideas to get your mind moving.

Here are all the details and step-by-step instructions, but basically I combined an affordable white dresser with a big box adjustable shelf system. Throw in two basic hanging rods and now this otherwise average closet has custom storage that looks great and can grow as they do!

Our small shared bedroom ideas and final(ish) plan

Final Inspiration Board
  • Curtains for some much needed privacy
  • Better use under bed storage
  • Lights, lights, lights
  • REvamp closet storage and floor plan

Check out my Pinterest board below for more shared bedroom ideas!

Be sure to come back for details on all our planned projects!


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