Sunday at Smale

Sunday at Smale

The John G. and Phyllis W. Smale Riverfront Park was a wonderful place to spend a Sunday afternoon. Smale Park is situated between Paul Brown Stadium (home of the Bengals) and Great American Ballpark (home of the Reds) in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio and it is a park unlike any I’ve ever seen. It is truly innovative in design and function. Gone are all the brightly colored twisty slides, ladders, and running bridges of the past. Those have been replaced with:Sleek Sliders                                                                                              steel slides

Smale Rope Bridge                                                                                natural rope bridges, and rock climbers.

In addition, there are separate extra play areas featuring things like a giant movable metal pigMetal Moving Flying Pig(thank you Cincinnati’s Flying Pig Marathon), water play area, and balancing challenge area. The whole park is wrapped by a wide, beautiful walking path that offers amazing views of the Ohio River and Roebling Suspension Bridge.

After Mass and Easter morning breakfast at Mokka in Newport, Kentucky, it was just a short trip across the river to Smale Park. The day couldn’t have been more beautiful and despite the crowds of varying ages, there was plenty of space and things to do for everyone. The weather was warm. The sun was shining. We couldn’t have asked for a better Easter morning. It was really a wonderful way to spend a few hours together on such a special day. If you are ever in the area with a few hours to spare (even without little ones) I highly recommend taking a stroll though the park. Here are some of the great views I was able to capture.

Scenic Entrance

Scenic Bridge 1

Scenic Bridge 3

Scenic Bridge 2

Tiny Bubbles

What did you do to celebrate this Easter Sunday?



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