Raindrops and Wisdom

“Mommy, I’m so mad God made rain today.” “Why honey?” “Rain makes me sad and I don’t like it.” “Without a little rain, nothing can grow bright and beautiful.” This was my conversation the other… View Post

Reasons to Smile This Sunday

“This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad.”        ~Psalm 118:1-2 A very happy Easter to you! Of all the days of the liturgical season, this day… View Post

Balance-Part II: Get Rid of Your Junk

Be brave. I know you can do it. Put your hand on the knob and slowly turn it. Go for it. Open….The….. Closet…..You know the one I’m talking about. The SCARY one. The one that… View Post

The Greatest Gift: A Willing Spirit

I was struck the other night with a thought. What if we all had a willing spirit? What would our lives look like? If everyone was a little more willing to try? More willing to… View Post

Through the Eyes of Children

Just the other day I was driving the kids to my parents house on our usual morning routine. We were jamming out to Jingle Bell Rock onStar 93.3 early in the morning. After the song… View Post

Easy Ideas for Family Time

What makes a Sunday so special? Is it the relaxed atmosphere? Is it the fun, family memories that are made? Why do we spend our lives waiting for the weekend to make life’s most precious… View Post

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