Learning When to Say No With Psoriatic Arthritis

Any person with psoriatic arthritis (PsA) will tell you there is much more to managing life with this condition than painful, swollen joints and psoriasis-related skin rashes. Psoriatic arthritis impacts not only our bodies, but also our mental health, relationships, work life, and even our wallets.

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Fostering Healthy Relationships with Chronic Illness

“…I put on a mask to hide my pain, not because I want to lie to others. Not because I want to hide what is truly going on. I hide my pain to save myself, and those… View Post

Living Well with Chronic Illness

Living well with chronic illness is about more than simply treating the symptoms of the illness. It is about treating the whole person. Note, I didn’t say healing, rather, the focus should be on treating… View Post

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