Through the Eyes of Children

During times of sadness He draws us near

Just the other day I was driving the kids to my parents house on our usual morning routine. We were jamming out to Jingle Bell Rock onStar 93.3 early in the morning. After the song ended the host of the morning program, Brant Hansen, began to speak. He was talking about the season of Christmas and the role that God plays during times of trouble in our lives. I wasn’t even sure the kids were awake, much less listening to the message on the radio, but what he said struck them. He said, “Is is when we have tears that God holds us near Him…”

To which my sweet 3 YO said, “What? God hugs me when I have tears?”

“Yes honey, God is near you all the time, but especially when you have tears and are sad.” I replied.

H, in his infinite 5 year old wisdom, asks, “How is that possible if He is in Heaven?”

“Well, each one of us is blessed to carry in our hearts a little piece of God with us, everywhere we go. He lives in our heart and in our soul. So, even when we are sad, He is there with us, to wrap His arms around us.”

“Hhmmm. I love God.” E announces.

“Yeah, me too.” H adds simply.

 Through the eyes of children

It is these simple, unplanned conversations that reveal so much about how God works in our lives. How much, if we just have some faith, and the eyes of children, we will know His love, even when at times it feels as if we live in a violent and vengeful world. It is at those times, when we have tears, when we need to be like God’s children the most and let Him hold us near.


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  1. December 15, 2015 / 12:18 pm

    I loved reading this. I found you at Mom Bloggers CLub. I lost my little brother last year on Dec. 14th and yesterday was such a sad day for us. I just loved reading about God bringing hugs when we have tears.

    • Leanne
      December 15, 2015 / 8:17 pm

      Hello Alexandra,
      I’m so sorry for your loss and grateful that you were able to find some comfort and understanding through my post. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. It must be very difficult. {hugs}.
      I also checked out your blog/store, it looks great. I admire your courage for quitting your “traditional” job and just going for it-impressive! I subscribed and hope to check out more of your products soon!

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