Top 3 Ways to Manage Chronic Pain

Top 3 Ways to Manage Chronic Pain

Without a doubt, those of us that live with a chronic illness (or several of them!) would probably agree that one of the most difficult parts is actually finding ways to manage chronic pain. I find it very hard to keep everything straight because there are so many things that impact how we perceive our “chronic pain.”

3 Ways to Manage Chronic Pain

Even the smallest things can make a day go from okay, to please let me just crawl back into bed right now. But I figure, if we can narrow down all the ways we have available to manage chronic pain, then we have a much better chance of getting it under control. So, after a TON of trial, error, tracking, and evaluating, here are my top 3 ways that I use to manage chronic pain.

PEMF Therapy

This has been my most recent discovery. Often confused with a TENS unit, PEMF therapy is actually Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields that works to reduce inflammation, speed healing, and balance the immune system. I know, sounds fishy, right? I was skeptical too. But after trying it out for over a month, I find this to be remarkably effective and actually easy to use. This is not an immediate solution, nor does it work overnight, but with consistent use, I have found PEMF therapy to absolutely amazing.  I use the Oska Pulse and am working up my full review now. I just can’t wait to share with you how much of a difference it has made. (aff) 


Definitely, my first choice for finding immediate pain relief. CBD oil is a remarkable tool to manage chronic pain. Drops, creams, caplets, or vapes – CBD oil offers so many options to find a way to use it that fits best into your pain management plan. Here is an article with some general information about CBD oil and another on my experience vaping CBD oil for immediate relief. Now, I use about 5 drops of the 1000 mg tincture under my tongue, twice a day, to keep my pain to a manageable level. If you want to try it, my best recommendation is CBDistillery. My readers can enter coupon code SUNDAYS to get an extra discount. (aff) 


3 months ago, I wouldn’t have had a prayer of doing yoga. But with the help of PEMF therapy and my CBD oil, I am able to do yoga with my kids several times a week. Not only does this help keep my body flexible, but it also helps me manage my anxiety and focus my thoughts. I don’t do any of that crazy, super bendy yoga, just simple, gentle Hatha yoga. You can read more on that here. In addition, because I am all about finding ways to manage chronic pain, you can read my complete post on all of my pill-free ways that I have found to tackle the pain monster. 

Is 3 ways not enough for you?

If you have tried EVERYTHING and are still looking for more, check out this great article from The Disabled Diva with not 4, 14, or even 24, but 40 Fibromyalgia Flare Fighting Products.

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