Ultra Low Carb 2 Day Survival Update

Ultra Low Carb Living with PsA

Ultra Low Carb 2 Day Update

Help!!! Send chocolate! Now!!

The Good

Well, at this point, 2 days into my ultra low carb experiment, I am super proud to say I haven’t cheated a single time. Whoop!

Thank you. Thank you very much.

On to bigger and better (and more important things)…Starbucks. Yes, I have figured out how to correctly order a delicious ultra low carb version of my favorite hot beverage. I usually order a grande mocha latte which weighs in at a whopping 44 carbs! That’s over what I get for a whole day! So here is what you do.

  • Wait in line
  • Wait some more
  • Yeah! It is finally your turn.
  • Smile politely
  • Ask for this…Grande, SUGAR FREE MOCHA, made with HEAVY CREAM or WHIPPING CREAM
  • Assure your barista that no, you have not in fact lost your mind
  • Yes, you are aware of the calories in that
  • Yes, you are aware of the fat in that, please proceed
  • Receive your lovely beverage and take a tentative drink
  • SUCCESS! It is delicious!

Despite eating more calories and fat than I have in pretty much my entire life, I have so far, lost a whopping pound. Not bad at all.

Overall, I’m feeling better. I haven’t had any issues of light-headedness or shakiness that I have been battling, so yes that’s good.

The Bad

Right now, the hardest part is totally retraining my brain to accept the fact that calories and fat grams do not exist in this diet. Having spent the better part of about 20 years counting calories and fat grams, this is quite an adjustment. Have I been tempted to freak out over eating cheese, salami, eggs, and full fat mayonnaise? absolutely. But I’m rolling with it.

The Ugly

Blood sugar. Ugh. Dreaded blood sugar. The whole reason I’ve started this crazy escapade. The ugly is that my blood sugar hasn’t shown any signs of improvement yet. My fasting is still high, between 115-120 (which isn’t insane I know) but it is still dropping after I eat- just not as far, so that is good I guess. I figured this would take time, so I guess I’ll wait patiently….

Do, de, dooo….waiting, waiting, waiting…



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